Apprentice Trym graduated – received the certificate of apprenticeship

Certificate of apprenticeship after two years at UMF

After two years as an apprentice at UMF, Trym has received the certificate of apprenticeship in industrial mechanics. With this grade completed, you´re very attractive in the current labour market as the demand for qualified labour in the industry is stable and many young people today choose academic education. In addition, Trym has shown an effort that is highly valued at UMF.

Trym has a personality and a desire to work that fit in well at UMF. We appreciate when young people arrive and challenge us who have been employed here for a long time. In this way, we unite new and old knowledge and innovate together

Atle Næsset, production / project manager UMF

Good support from colleagues

As an employer, UMF is concerned with investing in its employees and keeping it a good place to work. As a result, we have a solid and stable workforce so that we retain competence and experience within the company. This leads to quality and stability in the deliverance to our customers and partners.

The employees around Trym have been an important and good support for him during his apprenticeship and their safe guidance has contributed to Trym having managed this so well and passed the trade test.

I experienced gaining professional competence very quickly, precisely because I was thrown into new tasks. If there is something you are struggling to achieve, then of course you get good help from those who have worked here for a long time.

Trym Nordby Andersson, former apprentice UMF

Future opportunities

The technical education that Trym now has completed, is an important and solid foundation for any further education. With a certificate of apprenticeship in industrial mechanics, it is possible to take an engineering education, but first he is going to serve in the military.

When we need employees, we contact the best people for the job and Trym will clearly be a relevant candidate. We would like to thank Trym for his efforts over the past two years, congratulate him so much on the certificate and wish him the best of luck. “

Atle Næsset, production / project manager UMF

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