-The new forging machine is a vital key to our new line of products. The machine is more modern, more versatile and far more flexible compared to the machines we use today, explains the general manager of Monark Norway, Rune Hellingsrud.

Forging machine for drilling rods

Monark is a big supplier of drilling products to the mining industry, infrastructure projects and a wide range of other industries. With its 110 employees, they supply drilling products to over 90 countries and have a large market on the American continent.

-The machine is designed to produce threads for drill rods. The end of each rod is heated and compressed into the correct shape with internal threads. This makes it possible to join several rods together, which means you can drill further into the rock, Rune explains.

The forging machine must withstand  extremely hard use and harsh conditions during its lifecycle. In that sense, many of the components are overdimensioned and built to last.

Development and sales manager, Harald Vrenne

Faithful collaboration with UMF

When establishing the new production line at Monark’s department in Ockelbo, Sweden. It became clear that UMF was the preferred supplier for developing and production of the new machine.

-We have had an extensive collaboration with UMF for many years already. They have delivered several products and components for us, including drill bits and other equipment. UMF has the skill, the “know how” and an in-depth knowledge of our industry, says Hellingsrud.

Rune Hellingsrud at Monark.

Overdimensioned, built to last

Development manager at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, Harald Vrenne also talks about a good and constructive collaboration with Monark.

Read about our new ERP implementation: ─ A project that will affect us for many years to come

-This is a development project, Monark has in-depth knowledge of their specific needs. In order for Monark to get the best possible product, we have played on each other’s strengths through large parts of the development and production, Vrenne explains.

-The machine is delivered with three servo-controlled hydraulic axes and has a large reservoar of power. This makes it both flexible and can be used for many different products.

-These are equipment that will withstand extremely harsh conditions and hard use over many years, in that sense many of the components are overdimensioned in terms of how much it should withstand, Harald elaborates.

Henning Nørstebø at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has recently trained as an International Welding Inspector

-The fact that Henning has acquired the competence as International Welding Inspector (IWI-S) ensures that we can continue to deliver products at a very high standard, says production manager at UMF, Atle Næsset.


In order for UMF to deliver products for industry, it is required that you have a certified welding coordinator in the company. The training as an International Welding Coordinator is carried out both digitally and practically at the Kiwa Institute of Technology in Stavanger.

-It is a demanding course to participate in. You need to be prepared and put in an effort to pass the training and subsequent exam, says Nørstebø.

-The fact that Henning has acquired the competence as International Welding Inspector (IWI-S) ensures that we can continue to deliver products at a very high standard.

Production manager at UMF, Atle Næsset.

-The course is conducted in two parts. First online with the following exam, before moving on to practical schooling with a final test in Stavanger. All this must of course be passed and there were several of this year’s participants that did not pass. Fortunately, it went well for me this time, says Henning.

Read about our new ERP implementation: ─ A project that will affect us for many years to come

Demanding requirements for quality

Production manager Atle Næsset says that their customers set extensive quality requirements for the products UMF delivers.

-Especially in the oil & gas- and aerospace industry, we meet sky-high demands as a manufacturer. Henning’s job is therefore incredibly important for us at UMF.

-His job is to implement quality control and make sure that all the documentation and procedures are carried out in the correct manner. Especially when welding new alloys and materials, Næsset concludes.

Further reading: Containment Boom System Developed by UMF

Once or twice a year, Statkraft has needed cleaning of the intake gates of the power plant, Nore 2. In hopes to extend the interval between each cleaning, they contacted Uvdal Maskinfabrikk (UMF) for possible solutions.

UMF developed a boom where cost-effectiveness and durability were emphasized. The boom was produced and installed in 2018. We have not needed to stop and drain as a result of a clogged gate since, says maintenance manager at Nore Kraftverk, Ole Gunnar Haug.

Choosing a Local Partner

Statkraft had good knowledge of UMF from previous collaboration and execution of jobs. UMF, therefore, became a natural first choice in this phase.

– After some preparation in Statkraft, we gathered some ideas for a possible solution to the challenge of frequent cleaning. For further planning, construction, development, and eventually testing, we saw a great advantage in choosing a local partner.

– Throughout the whole process, we had a good dialogue with UMF. In the test phase, we participated with the crew and adapted the necessary production. In relation to land anchoring, the forces were calculated by UMF after input on currents from Statkraft. The collaboration was close to achieving a safe solution both during assembly, but also during further operation, and in relation to third parties.

A Cost-Efficient Solution

The purpose of the containment boom is to collect and divert waste that enters the watercourse during floods. – The containment boom does the job in a very efficient way. It also has minimal maintenance, making us save on costs, and again making it cost-efficient.

– There will not be as many stops and empties of Rødbergdammen as before, with the environmental challenges it has. A clean gate also gives less head loss, and thus greater production with the same amount of water, Ole Gunnar Haug concludes.

Quality in Every Aspect

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk offers production of mechanical parts, assembled products, and precision components in advanced materials. We possess solid technical competence and engineering capacity for prototype production as the containment boom-system for Statkraft.

At UMF, we strive to be among the very best suppliers in its industry for quality. For us, quality means that every delivery at least satisfies what has been agreed upon.

This is Uvdal Maskinfabrikk

For more than 40 years, we have developed into a solid and reliable supplier, offering complex mechanical production of high-quality products. Our production facilities consist of precision machines of the highest quality and we take on projects and productions from idea to prototype and series production. Read more about what we offer here.

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The decision to implement an entire new ERP-system was no small feat. It will take time and is a long and thorough process. ─ This isn’t merely an IT-project, but rather a restructuring of the entire systems of the company, says managing director of UMF, Olaf Ødegård

The “heart” of the company

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will take care of all processes in the entire production-chain of the company. All processes such as sales, purchasing, project follow-up, production and the inventory is coordinated into one specific solution. In addition, all variants of existing software will be integrated into the new system.

─ There has been a formidable development of ERP systems in the last four to five years. The solution we have chosen is future-oriented and ensures us a good position for further development.

─ Being able to connect the CNC-machines to the system and using real-time data is something we have been looking forward to, Ødegård explains.

The solution we have chosen is future-oriented and ensures us a good position for further development.

Olaf Ødegård – Managing Director, Uvdal Maskinfabrikk. 

Several candidates on the table

The restructuring-project is something Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has been working on for several years already. ─After a long and thorough selection process, we were left with a few candidates. Our choice fell on Monitor ERP System, specifically their G5 version. Monitor develops systems that are tailored for production and industrial companies. With a huge market share in Sweden, they are now ready to expand their market to Norway and several other nordic countries.

─ We find Monitor’s expansion to other countries extremely positive. This is a huge benefit for UMF and we look forward to further collaboration with Monitor in the future. ─ In addition to great functionality Monitor has really invested a lot in the user experience. It is impressive that they have managed to make such a complex and intricate system so user-friendly and simple, Ødegård emphasizes. Uvdal Maskinfabrikk will also have access to Monitor Academy, an online training program, that will ensure a smooth transition to the new system in the spring of 2022.

Learn more about Monitor G5 in the video below.

Specially adapted for production companies

Mikael Ekblom in Monitor ERP System says that the G5 is very well adapted to UMF’s needs.

─ We specialize directly towards production companies, this is our greatest strength. In that sense, UMF is a very good match for us at Monitor. In Sweden our market share is 43%, and now that we are investing in Norway, we also expect significant growth here as well.

─ We specialize directly towards production companies, this is our greatest strength.

Mikael Ekblom – Monitor ERP. 

─ The unique thing about Monitor G5 is that all customers get the exact same version of the program. Everyone has access to the same feature packed system and the different tools that comes with it. Then we simply adapt the user interface to suit each company.

─ This means that we can continuously roll out new updates and improvements so that the system is never going to be outdated, Ekblom explains.

This is Uvdal Maskinfabrikk


Get in touch with UMF.

We would like to thank you for the good cooperation in the past year and wish all our business associates a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk will be closed from and including 23rd of December until and including 2nd of January. Last receipt/delivery must be processed during Wednesday 22nd of December 2:00 PM. We reopen Monday 3rd of January with normal opening hours.

Seen the UMF-video?

With an dedicated focus on quality and solid professional expertise over a number of decades, we at UMF have established ourselves as a recognized world-class Norwegian supplier.

See this photos from our production

Autumn has arrived, and with the winter darkness right around the corner it is important to see and be seen. Therefore, Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has sponsored grades one through four at Rødberg and Uvdal schools with brand new reflective vests. 

Be visible in the autumn darkness

With its black and wet asphalt, autumn might be the time of year when it is most difficult to spot pedestrians. However, with their new reflective vests from UMF, the children walking to school will be easier to spot.

– Children being visible on their way to school is definitely a priority to us. Our municipality is large and elongated, with many people riding school buses. Our pupils often stand by the roadside waiting for school transport. Therefore, it is essential to be seen. We have got no one to lose, and a safe school route is important, says Head of Department, Bård Halvorsen, at Rødberg school. 

– It is a great and positive initiative on UMF’s part. In one way or another, we all have knowledge of UMF. In addition to this initiative, they contribute to schools in many other ways; Placement of students during workweeks for example, Halvorsen points out. 

We cheer for each other and wish each other well.

Lars Granhaug – Headmaster at Uvdal School

Wants to contribute to a safe school route 

For Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, it is important to be team players and contribute to a safe local community. 

─ As a cornerstone company and one of the largest workplaces in the municipality, we believe that it is crucial to take care of the society we are part of. We are entirely dependent on the great people in our community.

─ Our children are the dearest we have, so it is a pleasure for UMF to contribute to increased safety along the school road. We also hope that the pupils think it is cool to be assigned their own reflective vest with the UMF logo. They probably know someone who works with us at the factory, says general manager at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, Olaf Ødegård. 

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ship with anchor

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk will be closed during week 29 and 30

Due to summer holidays, we will be closed during week 29 and 30. Last receipt/delivery must be processed within 14.00 Friday 16th of July.

We reopen Monday 2nd of August with ordinary opening hours.

We wish all our business contacts a GREAT SUMMER!

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Certificate of apprenticeship after two years at UMF

After two years as an apprentice at UMF, Trym has received the certificate of apprenticeship in industrial mechanics. With this grade completed, you´re very attractive in the current labour market as the demand for qualified labour in the industry is stable and many young people today choose academic education. In addition, Trym has shown an effort that is highly valued at UMF.

Trym has a personality and a desire to work that fit in well at UMF. We appreciate when young people arrive and challenge us who have been employed here for a long time. In this way, we unite new and old knowledge and innovate together

Atle Næsset, production / project manager UMF

Good support from colleagues

As an employer, UMF is concerned with investing in its employees and keeping it a good place to work. As a result, we have a solid and stable workforce so that we retain competence and experience within the company. This leads to quality and stability in the deliverance to our customers and partners.

The employees around Trym have been an important and good support for him during his apprenticeship and their safe guidance has contributed to Trym having managed this so well and passed the trade test.

I experienced gaining professional competence very quickly, precisely because I was thrown into new tasks. If there is something you are struggling to achieve, then of course you get good help from those who have worked here for a long time.

Trym Nordby Andersson, former apprentice UMF

Future opportunities

The technical education that Trym now has completed, is an important and solid foundation for any further education. With a certificate of apprenticeship in industrial mechanics, it is possible to take an engineering education, but first he is going to serve in the military.

When we need employees, we contact the best people for the job and Trym will clearly be a relevant candidate. We would like to thank Trym for his efforts over the past two years, congratulate him so much on the certificate and wish him the best of luck. “

Atle Næsset, production / project manager UMF

Read more about UMF here!

– As an apprentice at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, I have an interesting and varied workday with a good working environment.

I am an industrial mecanics apprentice, started my apprenticeship in August 2019 and will finish in August 2021.

As an apprentice in UMF, you get to try a lot of different things. Typical work tasks are mechanical assembly, hydraulic coupling and testing. I am set to do much of the same as those who are permanently employed here.

As an apprentice in UMF, you get to try a lot of different things

You get really thrown into it, and it’s very educational and exciting. I experienced professional competence very quickly, precisely because I was thrown into new tasks. If there is something you can not do, then of course you get good help from those who have worked here for a long time.

After my apprenticeship I will serve in the military, but it is quite possible that I will work here at UMF later. It is a good working environment here and a very good unity among the employees.

This is UMF

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk AS (UMF) was established in 1987 by founder Arve Flatin and investor Karl H. Høie. At that time, the defense industry in Kongsberg was the main market for the company.

The business eventually turned to oil and Subsea. With its constant development and growth, UMF became one of the driving forces behind the construction of Nore and Uvdal Næringspark, which was ready for occupancy in the year 2000. In 2008, Arve G Flatin AS acquired the entire ownership, and the company became 100% locally owned.

With an unwavering focus on quality and solid professional competence over a number of years, UMF has established itself as a recognized world-class Norwegian supplier.

Read more about UMF here!

More pictures from inside UMF

to ansatte snakker

We are proud to present Olaf Ødegård as the new general manager at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk AS from 21.09.2020. He succeeds Betty-Karin Nørstebø, who will take on the role of KHMS leader from 21.09.2020. .

Ødegård has extensive industry experience, and has management experience from various roles.

We pride ourselves on being an attractive business that attracts us the right expertise. We look forward to having Olaf to lead our team in the further operation and development of Uvdal Maskinfabrikk AS.

I am very much looking forward to starting up in my job as general manager of Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, and am both happy and proud to have the opportunity to contribute to the further development of UMF.” – Olaf Ødegård 

Olaf Ødegård