Quality control

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk is certified in accordance with ISO NS-EN 9001:2015.
We have our own measurement laboratory that is well equipped with testing and measuring equipment and a Zeiss CNC controlled measuring machine. The laboratory is temperature controlled with a constant temperature of 20° Celsius. Our inspectors are skilled professionals with extensive experience within the field of inspection.

PT and MT are also executed internally by our company.

All manufactured parts can be assigned serial numbers if required by the customer, which provides full traceability.

Documentation is an important part of our quality department and is submitted in accordance with the customer’s requirements.

Our promise to customers:
We shall be among the best suppliers in our industry as regards quality
Quality at our company entails that every delivery – both internally and externally – satisfies the terms of our agreement with the customer as a minimum.
We shall continuously improve our processes and ensure that our customers will choose our products again and again
We are a reliable supplier and assume complete responsibility for projects from idea to finished, approved product.