Containment Boom System Developed by Uvdal Maskinfabrikk

Once or twice a year, Statkraft has needed cleaning of the intake gates of the power plant, Nore 2. In hopes to extend the interval between each cleaning, they contacted Uvdal Maskinfabrikk (UMF) for possible solutions.

UMF developed a boom where cost-effectiveness and durability were emphasized. The boom was produced and installed in 2018. We have not needed to stop and drain as a result of a clogged gate since, says maintenance manager at Nore Kraftverk, Ole Gunnar Haug.

Choosing a Local Partner

Statkraft had good knowledge of UMF from previous collaboration and execution of jobs. UMF, therefore, became a natural first choice in this phase.

– After some preparation in Statkraft, we gathered some ideas for a possible solution to the challenge of frequent cleaning. For further planning, construction, development, and eventually testing, we saw a great advantage in choosing a local partner.

– Throughout the whole process, we had a good dialogue with UMF. In the test phase, we participated with the crew and adapted the necessary production. In relation to land anchoring, the forces were calculated by UMF after input on currents from Statkraft. The collaboration was close to achieving a safe solution both during assembly, but also during further operation, and in relation to third parties.

A Cost-Efficient Solution

The purpose of the containment boom is to collect and divert waste that enters the watercourse during floods. – The containment boom does the job in a very efficient way. It also has minimal maintenance, making us save on costs, and again making it cost-efficient.

– There will not be as many stops and empties of Rødbergdammen as before, with the environmental challenges it has. A clean gate also gives less head loss, and thus greater production with the same amount of water, Ole Gunnar Haug concludes.

Quality in Every Aspect

Uvdal Maskinfabrikk offers production of mechanical parts, assembled products, and precision components in advanced materials. We possess solid technical competence and engineering capacity for prototype production as the containment boom-system for Statkraft.

At UMF, we strive to be among the very best suppliers in its industry for quality. For us, quality means that every delivery at least satisfies what has been agreed upon.

This is Uvdal Maskinfabrikk

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