Bilge System Prototype for Reservoir

Stopper drivgods, og det flytende godset
blir drevet til land med strømmen.

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  • 2017

Robust containment boom systems.

  • Robust and rust-proof containment booms for flotsam. These bilge systems withstand most type of materials.
  • Stops flotsam and leads the material ashore by the current.
  • Stops flotsam and keeps intake grills unblocked.
  • Covers the area 0,3 m above water and approximately 1 m under water.
  • The system has slide plates where the plates overlap for easier transfer of flotsam.
  • Provides good buoyancy and lie well in water when installed.
  • Element length 6 m.
  • Adaptable to the customer’s needs.
  • Details for anchoring are adapted to the installation site.
  • All floating elements have gone through pressure and leakage tests.
  • Elements are shipped in parts that are easy to assemble.
  • In case of excessive load, the system will be delivered with shear bolts.

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