Delivered year




Presentation Lensesystem for damanlegg 2017 Statkraft Engineering and production Energy
  Hose reel 2017 Trelleborg Offshore Engineering and production Offshore
Termination head Bypass for Statfjord B 2017 FMC Engineering and production Subsea
Betongsuger 2016 Loe Betong Engineering and production Industry
  Herdemaskin for anker (automasjon) 2016 Kverneland Engineering and production Industry
  Flying lead baskets 2016 FMC Production Subsea
  Test, transport & inspection skid 2016 FMC Production Subsea
  Running tool SCM + skid Several projects, the latest in 2016 FMC Production Subsea
  Transport skid Termination head 2016 FMC Production Subsea
  Test fixture 2016 Kongsberg Protech systems Production Subsea
  Latch unit tool 2016 FMC Production Subsea

Actuation tool 


2016 FMC Production Subsea
Produksjonsanlegg for fjellbor 2015 Monark Engineering and production Industry
  Running tools 2015 FMC Running tools for different projects. Production.  Subsea
  Baskets 2015 Aker Solutions 2 Baskets. Production Subsea
  Pig Launcher 2014 FMC 7 Pig Launchers. Production Subsea
Baskets Several projects, the latest in 2013 FMC Engineering and production Subsea
FSLT 2013 FMC Flexible Sealine Lifting Tool. Engineering and production Subsea
Pig Launcher Several projects, tha latest in 2014 FMC (Engineering) and production Subsea
FMRT 2012 FMC 2 stk Flow module running tool. Production Subsea
Panel Repair System Several projects 2012-2016. New project 2017. Argos Solutions AS Systems for repair wooden plates. Engineering and production Industry
Hose reel 2011 TESS Engineering and production Maritim
  Transportskid Several projects FMC Transportskid. Engineering and production Subsea
Hose reel 2010 TESS Engineering and production Maritim
Herdemaskin 2008 EFD AS Engineering and production Industry