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The decision to implement an entire new ERP-system was no small feat. It will take time and is a long and thorough process. ─ This isn’t merely an IT-project, but rather a restructuring of the entire systems of the company, says managing director of UMF, Olaf Ødegård

The “heart” of the company

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) will take care of all processes in the entire production-chain of the company. All processes such as sales, purchasing, project follow-up, production and the inventory is coordinated into one specific solution. In addition, all variants of existing software will be integrated into the new system.

─ There has been a formidable development of ERP systems in the last four to five years. The solution we have chosen is future-oriented and ensures us a good position for further development.

─ Being able to connect the CNC-machines to the system and using real-time data is something we have been looking forward to, Ødegård explains.

The solution we have chosen is future-oriented and ensures us a good position for further development.

Olaf Ødegård – Managing Director, Uvdal Maskinfabrikk. 

Several candidates on the table

The restructuring-project is something Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has been working on for several years already. ─After a long and thorough selection process, we were left with a few candidates. Our choice fell on Monitor ERP System, specifically their G5 version. Monitor develops systems that are tailored for production and industrial companies. With a huge market share in Sweden, they are now ready to expand their market to Norway and several other nordic countries.

─ We find Monitor’s expansion to other countries extremely positive. This is a huge benefit for UMF and we look forward to further collaboration with Monitor in the future. ─ In addition to great functionality Monitor has really invested a lot in the user experience. It is impressive that they have managed to make such a complex and intricate system so user-friendly and simple, Ødegård emphasizes. Uvdal Maskinfabrikk will also have access to Monitor Academy, an online training program, that will ensure a smooth transition to the new system in the spring of 2022.

Learn more about Monitor G5 in the video below.

Specially adapted for production companies

Mikael Ekblom in Monitor ERP System says that the G5 is very well adapted to UMF’s needs.

─ We specialize directly towards production companies, this is our greatest strength. In that sense, UMF is a very good match for us at Monitor. In Sweden our market share is 43%, and now that we are investing in Norway, we also expect significant growth here as well.

─ We specialize directly towards production companies, this is our greatest strength.

Mikael Ekblom – Monitor ERP. 

─ The unique thing about Monitor G5 is that all customers get the exact same version of the program. Everyone has access to the same feature packed system and the different tools that comes with it. Then we simply adapt the user interface to suit each company.

─ This means that we can continuously roll out new updates and improvements so that the system is never going to be outdated, Ekblom explains.

This is Uvdal Maskinfabrikk


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Autumn has arrived, and with the winter darkness right around the corner it is important to see and be seen. Therefore, Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has sponsored grades one through four at Rødberg and Uvdal schools with brand new reflective vests. 

Be visible in the autumn darkness

With its black and wet asphalt, autumn might be the time of year when it is most difficult to spot pedestrians. However, with their new reflective vests from UMF, the children walking to school will be easier to spot.

– Children being visible on their way to school is definitely a priority to us. Our municipality is large and elongated, with many people riding school buses. Our pupils often stand by the roadside waiting for school transport. Therefore, it is essential to be seen. We have got no one to lose, and a safe school route is important, says Head of Department, Bård Halvorsen, at Rødberg school. 

– It is a great and positive initiative on UMF’s part. In one way or another, we all have knowledge of UMF. In addition to this initiative, they contribute to schools in many other ways; Placement of students during workweeks for example, Halvorsen points out. 

We cheer for each other and wish each other well.

Lars Granhaug – Headmaster at Uvdal School

Wants to contribute to a safe school route 

For Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, it is important to be team players and contribute to a safe local community. 

─ As a cornerstone company and one of the largest workplaces in the municipality, we believe that it is crucial to take care of the society we are part of. We are entirely dependent on the great people in our community.

─ Our children are the dearest we have, so it is a pleasure for UMF to contribute to increased safety along the school road. We also hope that the pupils think it is cool to be assigned their own reflective vest with the UMF logo. They probably know someone who works with us at the factory, says general manager at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, Olaf Ødegård. 

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