UMF delivers new forging machine to Monark

-The new forging machine is a vital key to our new line of products. The machine is more modern, more versatile and far more flexible compared to the machines we use today, explains the general manager of Monark Norway, Rune Hellingsrud.

Forging machine for drilling rods

Monark is a big supplier of drilling products to the mining industry, infrastructure projects and a wide range of other industries. With its 110 employees, they supply drilling products to over 90 countries and have a large market on the American continent.

-The machine is designed to produce threads for drill rods. The end of each rod is heated and compressed into the correct shape with internal threads. This makes it possible to join several rods together, which means you can drill further into the rock, Rune explains.

The forging machine must withstand  extremely hard use and harsh conditions during its lifecycle. In that sense, many of the components are overdimensioned and built to last.

Development and sales manager, Harald Vrenne

Faithful collaboration with UMF

When establishing the new production line at Monark’s department in Ockelbo, Sweden. It became clear that UMF was the preferred supplier for developing and production of the new machine.

-We have had an extensive collaboration with UMF for many years already. They have delivered several products and components for us, including drill bits and other equipment. UMF has the skill, the “know how” and an in-depth knowledge of our industry, says Hellingsrud.

Rune Hellingsrud at Monark.

Overdimensioned, built to last

Development manager at Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, Harald Vrenne also talks about a good and constructive collaboration with Monark.

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-This is a development project, Monark has in-depth knowledge of their specific needs. In order for Monark to get the best possible product, we have played on each other’s strengths through large parts of the development and production, Vrenne explains.

-The machine is delivered with three servo-controlled hydraulic axes and has a large reservoar of power. This makes it both flexible and can be used for many different products.

-These are equipment that will withstand extremely harsh conditions and hard use over many years, in that sense many of the components are overdimensioned in terms of how much it should withstand, Harald elaborates.