UMF invests digitally with new profile and new websites

The society around us is largely digitized, and Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has decided to join the digital journey.

With a new graphical profile and upgraded presence in digital channels, UMF is now well equipped for future digital communication.

“We are very pleased with the profile change and are excited to finally be able to launch it,” the general manager of Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, Olaf Ødegård, says with a smile. .

Restructuring and innovation 

In the recent years, Uvdal Maskinfabrikk has been involved in a restructuring project called Industri 4.0, under the auspices of Kongsberg Innovation. On the road to restructuring, change and innovation, it became natural to also modernize the graphic profile to clarify precisely these changes.

“The profile change is part of the restructuring of the UMF. We will be more visible and want to reach a larger and wider audience. In this respect, the change of logo, new colour profile and new websites is a clear signal that we are thinking long-term and that we are developing and moving forward,” says Ødegård.

With the new profile of Uvdal Maskinfabrikk, the visual expression is lifted and continued, so that the old profile is still recognizable. The people and the values are the same.

Camilla (left) works as a designer at Akari, and has developed the upgraded profile of UMF.

“The logo now has a slightly more angular shape, but it is still round at the edges. Direction and expertise are keywords: UMF wants to go up and forward. The colour is also freshened up. It is clearer, and the whole profile has a cleaner feel. The new fonts are simple and modern, and speak well with the rest of the elements,” describes Camilla Walaker in Akari, who has designed it all.

The UMF manager is very pleased with the new website, both in terms of the colour composition and the ease of use.

Increased visibility and interaction 

Ødegård says that UMF will continue to use traditional channels such as newspapers, fairs and the like.

“However, digital channels make it easier to communicate news while they are news, and we can reach a larger audience.”

Digital platforms give the company ample opportunities to reach well-known actors and partners, and can help UMF find new opportunities in the market. UMF has a strong local foundation and is a cornerstone business. By being more strongly represented digitally, they have the opportunity to inform locally and regionally about what they are doing and who they are, in a better way.

“The possibility of interactive interaction via the digital platforms is something we look forward to. Feedback is something we need and want, and all the digital platforms are a great venue for it,” Ødegård concludes enthusiastically.

See more photos of the upgraded profile below: