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Keep up to date with some of what is happening with us at UMF. Here, we want to give you an insight into everything from new contracts, projects, development, vacant jobs, to more of the personal around who we are and the people who make up the UMF.

Students, teacher and person in charge at UMF

The school moved into UMFs domain

Last school year, UMF signed an agreement with Numedal VGS that technology and industrial subjects (also known as TIF) will move into their domain. So far, it has proven to be a successful collaboration. Technology and industrial…
Varmebehandling av knivblad

From China to Uvdal

When UMF hired a new quality engineer, it was Kenneth who won the title. Now he has settled in, and he enjoys his new work place. - I hadn't heard of UMF before, but I am impressed by the high-tech level the factory represents. Not just…

UMF delivers new forging machine to Monark

-The new forging machine is a vital key to our new line of products. The machine is more modern, more versatile and far more flexible compared to the machines we use today, explains the general manager of Monark Norway, Rune Hellingsrud. Forging…